History of the 'Termas e SPA'

With historical references dating back to Roman times, as shown by coins found in excavations near the thermal springs, it was in the reign of D. João V that the first buildings for baths were built, consisting of granite tanks sheltered in stone dens. Wells. In 1888 this resort was visited by his majesties D. Luiz I and D. Maria Pia, D. Carlos I, then Royal Prince and his wife D. Maria Amelia. It was only in 1897 that the construction of the first thermal settlement of Gerês began.

As a result of the publication by Dr. Ricardo Jorge of several books on the efficacy of Águas do Gerês in the field of curing hepato-biliary diseases, digestive tract and circulatory system, as well as metabolic-endocrine problems, which the exceptional properties of these waters have been widely reported.

Today, the newly refurbished and refurbished Thermal Spa and the new Spa, whose works have been recently completed, are equipped with the most modern thermal and well-being techniques, thus enabling to respond to the expectations of the thermalists who attend them, and also to adapt to the growing demand in the area of ​​Health, Beauty and Wellness Tourism. In this way the Establishment creates new valences, from which stand out the Dynamic Pool, the showers of Cuba, Spray and Sequential 3 essences and also a vast area of ​​cabinets of Massage and thermal aesthetics, as well as a modern Gym. Several areas of services and commerce were also created. This modern complex is now a large thermal-tourism complex located right in the center of the Gerês Thermal Spa.


Patron of the Termas do Gerês

The courageous Virgin Bracarense retired to the Serra do Gerês, where alone, refugee of the world and concentrated in the prayer, there spent the rest of its youth. Right there, at the top of the mountain, it was religious hatred to look for Santa, who refused, however, to torture the false gods. Then the Pagans, desperate and burning in the fury of fanaticism, plunged it from above. In the background, just a few feet away from the river, a granite mass was erected. The body of the Santa was crumbling against him when the rocks opened to give him passage. And from the crevice through which the figure of Santa Eufêmea derived, a lustrous, warm lily grew ... And that gush of weeping, never more stuck, the miraculous water that has cured so many sick ...

The martyr was saved, who one day wanted to die leaning against the compassionate rocks. There, long ago, pious travelers found their mummified body.

Ever since, the waters of Gerês cease to operate cures that sometimes reach the marvelous. Many distinguished doctors and chemists studied them to discover the powerful healing agent contained in them. The Fluorine? The Silicon? The secret amounts of anions and cations in the soil depth? - Mystery ... from positive, they only rejuvenate diseased livers, dissolve gallstones ... representing true miracles.

Operated by a given chemical element, or through the intercession of the Holy Martyr?
From there comes the inscription that currently exists in the Buvette, embedded in the granite massif:


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